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Karen O – All Is Love (Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack)

As if Arcade Fire’s lush reworking of Wake Up for the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are movie soundtrack wasn’t cool enough, Yeah Yeah Yeahs first lady Karen O has teamed up with a bunch of kids (an “untrained” children’s choir, actually) to do the same. You can listen to Karen O And The Kids […]

The Gruffalo on stage, TV, shelf, your subconscious

If my daughter was 3-years-old we’d be watching Tall Stories’ stage adaptation of The Gruffalo as it makes it’s big hairy way across the world in the coming months. You can watch a musical snippet here, but don’t let that put you off. As it stands, however, we’re stuck with the BBC’s upcoming TV attempt, […]

What kids’ dreams mean

Dr Pam Spurr aka the Dreams Doctor believes that “your child’s dreams and nightmares provide lots of information about their inner emotional life”, and that we, as parents, should discuss and attempt to decipher them as a way of bonding. Of course, Dr Spurr has written a book about it. And the D.R.E.A.M Key (Detail, […]