What kids’ dreams mean

Dr Pam Spurr aka the Dreams Doctor believes that “your child’s dreams and nightmares provide lots of information about their inner emotional life”, and that we, as parents, should discuss and attempt to decipher them as a way of bonding. Of course, Dr Spurr has written a book about it. And the D.R.E.A.M Key (Detail, Recognition, Emotion, Action and Meaning) she devised to help us do so.

Below is what ‘Detail’ means, the rest is available via The Sun. Make of it what you will. Personally, a dog wearing a school blazer makes me think of Sooty, Sweep and Soo‘s little cousin Scampi. Even though i’m pretty sure he’s a bear.

“D – is for detail. Ask them about any key detail in their dream/nightmare. Maybe the dog that was chasing them in their nightmare was wearing a school blazer. That detail gives you the clue that their anxiety (being chased by a barking dog) is about school – because the detail’s in the school blazer.”


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