Cupcakes as Where The Wild Things Are


(Lovingly made by Claire_issa “for her roommate as a farewell present”, found on Flickr via BoingBoing)


Robox: robot boxes in disguise


Unfortunately, these stackable storage boxes disguised as child-sized robot seats are not available to buy. It’s a concept product designed by Guus Oosterbaan. We can but dream for its inclusion in next seasons Ikea range. (Via Yanko Design, who incidentally today are also featuring the most unsuitable hanging light of all time. Unless you’re a very sick parent.)

Karen O – All Is Love (Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack)

As if Arcade Fire’s lush reworking of Wake Up for the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are movie soundtrack wasn’t cool enough, Yeah Yeah Yeahs first lady Karen O has teamed up with a bunch of kids (an “untrained” children’s choir, actually) to do the same. You can listen to Karen O And The Kids – All Is Love via Stereogum.

The Gruffalo on stage, TV, shelf, your subconscious


If my daughter was 3-years-old we’d be watching Tall Stories’ stage adaptation of The Gruffalo as it makes it’s big hairy way across the world in the coming months. You can watch a musical snippet here, but don’t let that put you off.

As it stands, however, we’re stuck with the BBC’s upcoming TV attempt, apparently airing at some point this Christmas. The Gruffalo is played by Robbie Coltrane who (possibly incidentally but probably not) is also the big giant man, Hagrid, in Harry Potter.

The rest of the cast is made up of Gavin And Stacy stars, it would seem.

Or we could just read the book again. And again.

What kids’ dreams mean

Dr Pam Spurr aka the Dreams Doctor believes that “your child’s dreams and nightmares provide lots of information about their inner emotional life”, and that we, as parents, should discuss and attempt to decipher them as a way of bonding. Of course, Dr Spurr has written a book about it. And the D.R.E.A.M Key (Detail, Recognition, Emotion, Action and Meaning) she devised to help us do so.

Below is what ‘Detail’ means, the rest is available via The Sun. Make of it what you will. Personally, a dog wearing a school blazer makes me think of Sooty, Sweep and Soo‘s little cousin Scampi. Even though i’m pretty sure he’s a bear.

“D – is for detail. Ask them about any key detail in their dream/nightmare. Maybe the dog that was chasing them in their nightmare was wearing a school blazer. That detail gives you the clue that their anxiety (being chased by a barking dog) is about school – because the detail’s in the school blazer.”

Modernhood – fathering with style

The first post. Sorry, it isn’t about anything. The blog needs work before I post proper because I only just set it up. Actually, I set it up last week and have done nothing until now. Not because i’m lazy, but because I am a father. And I have a job. If you have a job, and you’re a father, you’ll know what i’m saying. You know what i’m saying?

In the meantime, you can read this about me section. And then wait… because patience, my friend, is a virtue.